The provision of highly trained, accredited and licensed safety and security personnel to the sports, leisure and entertainment industry still remains the ‘core’ business of Controlled Solutions Group. The company has, however, expanded its services through the incorporation of Controlled Guarding Solutions (CGS), which provides guarding services across a number of sports, leisure, commerce, NHS and industrial sites; and Controlled Training Solutions (CTS), which provides quality training for both the security industry and other sectors, such as customer services courses for the commercial sector.

Controlled Solutions Group Founded

2nd January 1989

Controlled Solutions Group (CSG), formerly known as Special Projects Security, was founded in 1989 in direct response to the Government’s call for improvements in safety at football grounds in the wake of the Hillsborough disaster and the ensuing Taylor Report.

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Manchester United Football Club assigned CSG for all their security needs

14th September 1990

The company’s first, and now longest standing client, is Manchester United Football Club. CSG was one of the first businesses in the UK to be awarded the Football Stewarding Qualification, to approve standards of delivery of the relevant training standards post the Hillsborough disaster.

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CSG expanded beyond Old Trafford (Manchester United’s Ground)

14th September 1991

It was quickly realised however that the valuable lessons and principals learned from managing large crowds at Old Trafford could be applied in other arena’s and venues. Consequently, CES began to expand its business to those areas where large crowds came together for the purposes of watching sport or entertainment, and where customer safety was the…

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CSG secured Somerset village of Pilton for Glastonbury Festival

14th September 2003

The securing of the Somerset village of Pilton to deny and deter any individuals intent on high levels of disorder, theft and anti social behaviour which enhanced the credibility and success of the Glastonbury festival in 2003.

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CSG mentored senior Police and Military commanders for ICC World Champtionship

14th September 2007

Mentoring of senior Police and Military commanders with full responsibility for stadia safety management for the duration of the ICC World championship competition 4 weeks. We are accredited with the BSIA and ISO 9002 quality assurance certification,  our procedures are professional Fair and fully accountable. We have provided training and security provision for the International…

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CSG to provide standards to stadia security and safety staff for the FIFA World Club football championships

14th September 2009

In Abu Dhabi, CSG provided UK accredited training standards to stadia security and safety staff for the FIFA World Club football championships in 2009.

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CSG became a member of the Approved Contractor Scheme of the British Security Industry Authority

14th October 2009

In 2009 CSG became a member of the Approved Contractor Scheme of the British Security Industry Authority.

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CSG Pride itself with the high quality highly experienced senior directors and management with a former British military (Special Forces) and police background. No scenario or requirement will find us wanting or overwhelmed.

We recognise that diversity exists between the various spectator profiles; consequently, we place great emphasis on the interpersonal skills of our staff to ensure that they are able to deliver the highest standards of customer care and service within our varying environments.

We are constantly looking to enhance our online training capability utilising the latest IT technology and software, to provide interesting and very high-quality training solutions within our industry.
We have the capability for bespoke build packages to suit any online training requirement, ask and we will help.

Our scope of work is reflected in our mission statement:

To be recognised as a leading security and service partner within the industry and by our customers. We will achieve this by being committed to meeting our customer’s evolving needs through a tailored range of the highest quality security and service solutions that will support and impact on our customer’s own business.