Safety First

Friday, October 9th, 2015

It’s great when you can really feel the atmosphere at a football ground, so much so that it’s almost palpable. But it also means that the stewards and the event security working there must be extra vigilant. The crowd can quickly change from high octane excitement to something a little more dangerous – especially if the match isn’t going their way.  Spectator safety is of the upmost priority for stewards and event security. They’re there to make sure everyone attending the match has an enjoyable and safe time. That’s why we recommend all stewards take part in our online Level 2 NVQ spectator safety course. This course equips those working within the security industry with the knowledge and confidence to handle all manners of situations relating to event security.

The online Level 2 NVQ spectator safety course delivered by us here at Controlled Training Solutions is a nationally recognised qualification and provides vital information and training for those working in event security. It can be a very rewarding, yet demanding job, so having that extra bit of training is a really handy thing. The course is primarily online, but on completion candidates will be invited to do some hand-on, practical training to give them a well-rounded education.

To find out more about the online level 2 NVQ spectator safety course we offer, contact us today. Stewards and event security do a fantastic job, so everyone can thoroughly enjoy the game, especially when they’re victorious!