CCS deliver a structured and site-managed cleaning service overseen by an experienced supervisor. Using staff that take care and a pride in their work, we provide the best equipment, eco-friendly products, and utilise the latest technological developments that can improve our delivery and be beneficial to our clients.Our operation is structured on a 24/7 day basis throughout the whole year, regularly meeting our client’s needs and requirements and operating to exacting standards. We aim for a highly adaptive approach that achieves optimum productivity but at all times it must fit in with a client’s schedule and requirements. We believe our service assists and support the notion of a ‘smart clean’ helping to promote a smarter and more connected organisation that can lead to enhanced performance.

Our operations provide access to senior management, who are experienced and established in the industry. They keep up to date with the latest industry news and developments to enable our operatives to benefit, and achieve best practice.Where possible, we aim to deploy the same regular cleaning operatives who will become familiar and knowledgeable about your site and your staff. This provides consistency and continuity in our service. All our operatives are inducted in cleaning techniques and technology, but also health and safety responsibilities & environmental issues. Each new site is surveyed and a risk assessment is undertaken. The cleaning task is evaluated to assess

  • the frequency of a clean
  • square footage of the clean
  • operative numbers deployed
  • results in an estimated time for the clean, based on quality and productivity

This enables a costing to be made, which will enable us to provide a quotation.

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