Personal Safety

Course Outline

Controlled Solutions Group Personal Safety Awareness Course is designed to improve situational awareness and promote personal safety in both the workplace and everyday living.

Course Overview

The course offers advice and guidance on travel security, personal safety awareness and the actions to take when faced with a criminal, or a potentially life threatening situation


The benefits to the learner are: increased situational awareness; increased confidence; and the ability to effectively assess threats in the workplace and when carrying out everyday activities.


There is no defined progression route with this short course, however it can be used to to inform and advise all front line staff, from whatever industry they are employed in, or as part of a programme of development. This course could be undertaken with the CSG CONFLICT MANAGEMENT COURSE to give learners the tools they require to recognise high risk situations, and the knowledge they need to be able to deal with them effectivley in a manner that reduces risk.

Course Details

The Controlled Solutions Personal Safety Awareness course is delivered entirely on-line. There is no assessment attached to this course and it is predominently for the purposes of general advice.

Course Duration/Delivery

The duration of the course is approximatley 40 mins.


The course is suitable for all learners who wish to increase there personal safety awareness from any business sector.


This course is certified by CSG and certificates will be sent by email to allow the learner to retain copies for their own records.

Controlled Solutions Group have fulfilled my security needs and have done so in a very professional and diligent manner

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