Eyes Wide Open Counter Terrorism Course

Course Outline

The 'Eyes Wide Open' Counter Terrorism presentation is mandatory for all Controlled Event Solutions and MUFC staff.

Course Overview

The Eyes Wide Open presentation is designed to raise awarness of counter terrorist techniques, and covers topics such as: hostile reconnaissance; suspicious behaviours; and what to do if you become suspicious of someone.


The benefits to completing the course are: raised awareness of suspicious behaviour for front line staff, and some of the things to look out for; and how to spot someone carrying out hostile reconnaissance, and the actions you should take. It can also increase the confidence of front line staff, and encourage them to be proactive whilst at work.


The course should be completed by all staff as part of their development and ongoing training.

Course Details

The course is deliverd on-line and is for viewing only.

Course Duration/Delivery

The course last approximatley 12 minutes


All staff working for CES or MUFC are eligible for this course


There is no certification for this course

Controlled Solutions Group have fulfilled my security needs and have done so in a very professional and diligent manner

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